Monday, 11 April 2011

without attitude, it's not fashion.

---clothes are just clothes, it would not be fashion if there is no attitude.---

it's what I hav learnt from uni. They cant be fashion if it doesnt have the mood, the inspiration and the story. It would simplely just clothes. 
We dress what we want and represent it to the world that WHO WE ARE. it's the identity. Fashion on the other hand, is just give you a hand and make it much more fun and colourful.

OK, before I make my new born blog looks like a dissertation. I will stop right here with all the theories. 

Me, a 23 years old, am planning opening a blog for ages. (all my friends and family know it, and here i am!) Yes, i did open "some" but they were more experimental and full of heavy emotions. They are not what I want it should be. (ahh, control freak Eileen.) 

I had my dissertation based on fashion blogging, I knew how it works and how it would change a person's life (eg, sussie bubble. brove!) also how much fun you can get, also the time and pressure you get to take. I used do feel I am too busy for searching images, taking photographs, photoshoping them and blog everyday or every week. What I hits me now, is that I wasnt confident enough, especially hav seen so many brilliant bloggers out there doing fantastic jobs. but HERE I AM (AGAIN) thinking, now the timing is right (stable job, beautiful images collection, not too bad photoshop and photography skills and CONFIDENT), so here are my fashion attitude (not the yo yo yo one), lifestyle and just simplely everything that is "SO Eileen" will be put up here and be stored or luckily be shared with people who is sharing the same world with me! (yeaaae)

Oh, and my beloved LONDON!! How dare I forget about it! I will try to memories every bit I have spent with it and put it up here as the way I miss it sooooo damn much. (yes, its the city, not a hot man unfortunately)

god, i should stop rite here, it looks a bit long intro now.  
hope it wont be this long in the coming posts.

here I enclosed my very first outfit collection. (gosh, i am so nervous now)

the attitude of my fashion today would be low-key comfy parisian.
long printed dress--->h&m
belt---> h&m
sun glasses--->topshop

There you go, my very first post in this blog. 
Still get tons of stuffs want to write about, but the first one, better take it easy. That's hope it wont be the only post in this blog.


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