Wednesday, 22 February 2012

where。|| 台南。old things-good things. ||

I'm in 窄門 cafe, the trip is really comfy and peaceful so far. even though it's raining outside but you can still feel the warmth of the city.
Can I say it's an old and delicate city? Yes I can, and I feels like home, like I used to live here long times ago. With my books and my old fashion manner. 

現在的我坐在窄門咖啡館, 這次的旅行到目前為止都一直感覺十分的舒適安逸。雖然外面下著小雨, 但卻還是冷卻不了這個城市所散發給旅人的溫暖。
我可以說這是一個又老舊又纖弱的城市嗎?但卻不知道為什麼有一種“家”的感覺, 就好像我好久好久以前就曾經住在這裡, 悠閒的帶著書還有點過時的拘謹風度。

to be continued...
all images via eileen's iphone (instagram)
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